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CHAMBER — Atlanta Chapter

We are the the Atlanta chapter of CHAMBER – one of the country’s most prolific anti-gun violence organizations. Our mission is simple: to bring gun violence to an end in the United States. Our focus is on the greater metro Atlanta area.
CHAMBER is a no non-sense organization that fully stands in support of all gun safety regulations and legislation in existence in the United States. If there were a popular vote, we can confidently say that every single one of our members would vote to make all firearms completely illegal. However, we do understand the concept of taking on these massive changes “one step at a time” so we unify to fight one battle at a time whether at the polls, through protest or via any peaceful means necessary to bring the senseless violence and killing to end.
We hold monthly meetings at our headquarters in Atlanta which are open to members as well as the public. Each meeting is conducted in a town hall fashion allowing everyone to be heard.
If you are interested in joining us please visit the membership page for more information. We are NOT accepting any donations at this time.
You can also find out more by contacting us via our contact page.
Thank you for reading – God bless.